Safety tips while dating a stranger

Not every guy out there is what he seems to be. Let’s say, you met a guy on the internet. He might actually seem good and interesting. But you don’t really know this guy and you want to know him better. So you are meeting him for the first time on a casual date.

Here are a few safety tips you must remember while setting up a date with a guy you have never met before in your life. (Just remember not to act outright suspicious. He might be a good guy)

MEET IN PUBLIC, If it is your first date, it is advisable to meet him in public, with lot of people around, like malls, restaurant etc.

LISTEN TO YOUR CONSCIENCE, If you feel like something is wrong, or if you start getting a strange feeling, end your date by giving a suitable reason and go home.

BE STRAIGHTFORWARD AND FIRM, If you are uncomfortable with something, speak up. If you don’t like something, say NO. Do not have second thoughts about saying no.

HAVE A OUT PLAN, If you don’t like him or if the date gets too awkward, you can text your relatives or friends to come and pick you up. Always have a backup plan in case the date goes bad.

BE VIGILANT, If this is you first date, then you should keep an eye on him, like, is he acting suspicious? Anyway watch what you eat, just in case he is a bad guy. He might slip sedatives or drugs into your food or drinks.

LET SOMEONE KNOW ABOUT YOUR DATE, Ideally it is better to have your parents, siblings or relatives know about your date, just in case, or you can tell your friends about the date timings. If you start getting a bad feeling, text a couple of your best friends.

BE READY TO END IT, If he is not a gentleman on your first date, he never will be, so be ready to end it when your conscience tells you to.



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