How to impress your crush


It’s the smallest things that make a lasting impression. It can be a compliment or a helping gesture. You have to be at your best, especially in front of your crush. You must keep on improving and make yourself more and more desirable.
Here are a few things that you can do to impress your crush.

Try to start a conversation. And when you talk to her, look her in the eye. Don’t act like an idiot by doing unnecessary gestures and looking at your feet and other stuff like that. And please don’t show insecurity. That is the worst quality anyone can have.

Try complimenting her on the way she looks. Tell her how incredible she looks in that particular dress. You can even compliment her on her hairstyle.

Let her open up. Ask her simple questions, about her interests, her goals, her hobbies. It will make her feel that you are really interested in her and she will feel more comfortable with you. And you can know more about her, which will help you in understanding her better.

Women usually like creative men. So have some hobbies. It can be singing, playing musical instruments, sports, painting, photography, writing, reading, making something creative,etc. Be good at something. It will show them that you are doing something with your life.

Women like someone with a goal in his life. If they are a looking for a long term relationship, they will want to end up with someone who can support a family, not some aimless teenager who can’t even decide his own life. So don’t go saying stupid stuff like, “I just go with the flow”, or something like that. If you just go with the flow, there is gonna be a fall right around the corner.

When you are talking to your crush, giver her your undivided attention. Don’t go texting or checking emails while you are in the middle of a conversation. It is better if you don’t bring out your phone at all.

If you have a beard keep it neat, or trim it, don’t let it be unruly. Comb your hair. Don’t let your hair look like you had a fight with some alley cats. If you want to judge them by the way they look, then even they will judge you by your appearance. Wear a light perfume, not too intoxicating, and remember to shampoo your hair. And please remember to brush, and when you are going to talk to her, please use breath mints or a chewing gum so that your mouth doesn’t smell. You seriously don’t want your mouth to smell when talking to your crush.

Trust is very important, especially when it comes to relationships. If she has a guy friend, it’s alright. Don’t act jealous. It is the greatest sign of insecurity. You need to be confident about yourself. If she was not interested in you, she wouldn’t even be talking to you, so have some self confidence.

Making eye contact and smiling is one of the best ways to let her know that you find her interesting. It will also show your confidence and make you come off as a cool guy.

Pay attention to what you wear. And when you are out on a date, wear a clean shirt and a nice pair of trousers, preferably black and wear formal shoes. Don’t dress like a homeless dude.

Help her if the need arises. Women love chivalry, which is very rare nowadays. And it will make you stand out from rest of the crowd. And please be polite. Use ‘please’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘sorry’. Treat them with respect. And please refrain from cussing and using crude curse words in front of her. Try to be a little civilized.

If you have started getting close with your crush,let her be the first one to initiate contact. Don’t touch her first, or she will be creeped out. And please don’t be too obsessive. They like to take it slow, and it will take some time for them to trust you, so be a little patient.

Whenever you are trying to impress a girl, impressing her friends will give you an advantage. Try to get her friends to like you, and when you have accomplished that, even they will start saying good stuff about you.

If she texts you, please text her back. It is not the time to play hard to get, or she will completely lose interest in you. But let there be a balance. If she sends a text, reply, and if you text something back, wait for her reply, don’t barrage her with questions. It will make her feel suffocated. Always be ready to help her when she really needs your help with something. You can even bring her flowers and gifts.

Don’t smoke or drink, at least not in front of her. Women usually don’t prefer men who don’t care about their own health. I mean mature women at least, who will be thinking about the future. And for some women heavy drinkers are a serious No No.

This is very important, especially when you are talking to a women. Think what you are going to say before you spurt it out. You seriously don’t want wrong things coming out of your mouth. Women don’t forget easily, so be careful what you say. Stay clear off the intimate stuff and personal issues, especially during the early stages. You must compulsorily avoid subjects like ex-girlfriends, religion, politics etc.

It will take a very long time to get to know someone, in some cases it might even take a couple of years for them to fall for you. Don’t let her down and always be there for her. But don’t go overboard and end up in the friend zone. Just make her feel that you will be there for her.







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