How to find your prince charming

Love is one of the most complicated emotions of all. sometimes you fall in love with someone who can return your feelings and sometimes you don’t, sometimes you fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, you might end up getting hurt and heartbroken when someone you loved more than anything in the world leaves you.

Love can be sweet, when you use the right ingredients, but sometimes you fail and it will become the most bitter thing in the world.

What you don’t know is, even men want a lasting relationship and even they want to marry the woman of their dreams.

Dating someone you already know is one thing, but when you go out on a first date with someone, whom you do not know very well can be a little more challenging.

1) MAKE FRIENDS, Try talking to new people everyday, apart from increasing your communication skills, it will also boost your confidence. You will become more easygoing and cool, and you will be able to learn the behavior of different people, thus making it easier for you to find the right one.

2) BEHAVIOR IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN APPEARANCE, Women often waste their time trying to change their appearance instead of improving on their behavior. There is nothing against maintaining our appearance, but obsessing too much about it is bad. Physical appearance is temporary. Beauty matters, but not as much as your behavior and mentality.

3) BE EXTRAORDINARY, Come out of your comfort zone and try to stand out from the crowd. Don’t you want to meet someone extraordinary? Then be extraordinary, so you can get the extraordinary. Everyone has their own talents and skills. All you have to do is find yours and build up on that. As long as you do not give up, you will be extraordinary, no doubt about that.

4) BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE, Always be confident, you know what you want and what you deserve. If you are a confident woman you will be comfortable in every social situations. Don’t go wasting your time comparing yourself to other women. They might have some qualities that you don’t have, but you will be have some of your own qualities that she doesn’t have. A confident woman never gets intimidated by looks, riches and status. She knows that she is worth more than all of those things. A secure and confident man will lose interest in you if you are insecure and lack confidence.

5) GET A LIFE, BE INDEPENDENT, My advice is that, before you get into a relationship, build a strong career. Be independent. Engage in meaningful activities that you actually love. Surround yourself with people who boost your confidence. Never rely on a man. It is your life, live it your way. Men are attracted to independent women, because they know that an independent woman will not smother them. If you are independent, you will have the upper hand. You don’t have to listen to everything he says. You can do your own thing. Do not compromise your thoughts and beliefs just for the sake of his approval.

6) CONVERSATION, Engage in conversations, the more you converse with people the more confidence you will gain. Starting a conversation is one of the most important things to get the guy. Learn to compliment. Ask for advice. You don’t have to talk with only the people that you like. You can start a conversation with anyone. It will also improve your communication and confidence, not to mention the courage to start a conversation with your crush.

7) MINDSET, Some of you might think that if he liked you, he would have talked to you by now. But you are wrong. He might be crushing over you and he wouldn’t do anything about it. He might be intimidated by you. In fact, the more they are attracted to you the more hard it is for them to strike a conversation with you. Just because they don’t approach you, do not think that hey are not attracted to you. It is not like the movies where a girl does nothing and the guy does all the proposing and stuff. One of the reasons he will not approach you is because he is worried that you will shoot him down. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of his friends. Nobody wants to get rejected. Why go through such difficulty? Just try to make light conversation, you can ask him for time, for directions etc, remember, every relationship begins with a simple conversation. Don’t give up after a rejection, if you gave up after every rejection, you would have to be alone for the rest of your life.

8) YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE, Some women think that there is too much competition out there. That is bullshit. Most of the girls out there are busy with their friends or in social media. It is normal to feel butterflies in you stomach when you approach a guy that you are attracted to. Good looks are only one of the qualities that you need in a guy. Try starting a conversation with him. You can find out whether he has any other qualities that you like. Whenever you see a guy that you are attracted to, you force your mind to think that he has all the qualities that you desire, but remember, he is just someone you want to talk to so that you can find out whether he is really worthy of you. Whenever you make an effort to start a conversation, it is not because you want him, it is because you are giving him a chance to prove himself.


by A. Royden D’souza
Author of the Atlantis novel series


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