FEMINISM : your birthright


Most people are misguided in their thoughts when it comes to feminism. They don’t even know what feminism really is. People perceive the movement as some kind of narrow minded and negative agenda. It’s not. Get your facts straight.

Well, here it is. “ Men and Women should be Social, Political and Economic equals ”. This is the true definition of Feminism and that is what it stands for. Please register that in your brains.

Though nowadays, the title, ‘Feminist’ is used by many idiots to debate on stupid, useless issues, while real feminists are fighting for equality, without getting any recognition.
The media and politicians, along with some ignorant, adolescent teenagers have been successful in twisting the true purpose of the movement, and it is now seen as a men hating, radical faction, which is not at all true.

I have always been a staunch supporter of the ‘equal rights for women’ movement. But there was one particular incident that made me sympathetic towards feminism and made me realize that strong feminist women are needed in political administration.

By feminists, I mean the women who fight for equal rights, the ones who fight against oppression, the ones who fight against sexual harassment. Not the ones who use the word ‘feminism’ as a trend, and debate on whether God is male or female, when there are less fortunate women being subjected to oppression and harassment.

As I was saying, I saw a live feed on facebook a couple of months back. Two men were hitting a lone, unarmed woman with large sticks, thick as a baton. The woman was bleeding. She even had a child who was clinging to her leg, sobbing. And do you wanna know about the worst part?

This was happening in the middle of the street, surrounded by onlookers, who did nothing to stop the attacking fucktards, but instead were busy taking pictures and videos. What the f*** is wrong with people nowadays!

The video was removed and there was nothing on the news, probably the whole incident was covered up. How is the world gonna survive with this kind of hardheartedness and stupidity?

This kind of stuff happens all over the world. There are some dipshit fathers who hit their daughters. Some douchebag husbands who hit their wives. Who is gonna stop this shit?

And there are people arguing about the term ‘Feminism’, while there are bigger problems like implementing severe anti-rape laws, safety at workplace etc.

Humans are getting stupider as technology develops. People need a machine to move inside the fuckin’ house. I won’t be surprised if machines actually take over the earth, because a toaster is more intelligent than most human beings these days.

People don’t even know what feminism is. They have a false idea planted in their brains by the media that feminists are men hating misandrists. No they are not! True feminists are the ones who fight for all the oppressed women out there. They are the ones who fight for the rape victims. They are the ones who fight for the introduction of laws that will ensure the safety of women all over the world.

We have people saying that they don’t need feminism. Of course you don’t. Your parents have raised you in a safe neighborhood and sent you to a good school, where you can earn your respect.

Well guess what, that’s because the feminists who came before you fought for it, so that the next generation of women would have equal rights. They are the real fighters. Their voice never gets heard, but still they don’t give up.

Feminism has nothing to do with politicians and celebrities (except for some, who really fight for equality) who read a couple of sentences from the teleprompter, about how sorry they are for the victims. Where are they now?

Then there are celebrities and politicians who say, “I’m a feminist”, and don’t even bat an eye when a rape incident occurs. It has become a trend now, to give oneself the title ‘Feminist’. Guess what? you are not a feminist if you don’t stand up to the ideals of feminism.

And saddest of all, now there are women claiming that they don’t need feminism. Of course you don’t, since you are not the one getting oppressed. Damn! Can you believe the claims they make for not needing feminism.

This is what they say, and I quote, “I don’t need feminism because I like masculine men”. That doesn’t even make any sense. Can you believe the level of ignorance.

Just remember that all the good stuff that has happened to you. The equal pay, the right to vote, alimony etc. all that is because of the feminists who fought for you. And now their very movement is getting back stabbed.

There is still a need for feminists, because women are still being subjected to oppression. Women are getting raped everyday. And do you know the worst part? The victim gets more punishment emotionally than the rapist.

She has to suffer humiliation and insults. She has live with that pain for the rest of her life. And the rapists don’t get enough sentence. They are let out after a couple of years in jail. Like, what the fuck are you doing, letting that trash back into the streets. At least castrate them before letting them out.

Do you know how many women get raped per year? More than 600,000 and out of these, more than 75% of the assaults are carried out by people known to the victim. Only 35% are reported. Why? Because the victims are scared to come forward. They know it’s difficult for them to get justice.

And if the rapist is a celebrity or a politician, of course it will be the victims fault, even though she was drugged and forced. There are some who will applaud the rapist and slam the victim.

Surprisingly, there are some ultra idiotic dipshits who will even blame the victims clothes for the incident. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Was she wearing a electromagnetic suit that fucked up your brain waves?

Feminism is needed to fight the inequality and oppression. Feminist (Real feminists, not misandrists who call themselves feminists) women, who really care about equality should have prominent positions in political administration. So we need to support them so that they can bring some real change into this world.

“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers”
-Susan B Anthony, women rights activist



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